The Bryan vs Tyler NFL Battle

There is an epic battle brewing that is so intense, Frank Peretti and Stephen King are hiding under their covers in the fetal position waiting for it to pass.

This is not a battle waged with spears and swords, nor is it a battle fought in the spiritual realm. This is far less important than that.

It is a battle of mind and pigskin. It is a battle of deduction and prognostication.

It is a battle of football.

Here’s the deal. Tyler and I are going head to head this year picking NFL games against the spread. As I have done in every other area of my life including hairlines, I want to own him. And as much as I’m going to enjoy demolishing him, I thought it would be awesome if some of my readers did the same to some of his readers.

So we’re choosing sides and going head to head…but we want some help from you guys.

Here’s what I’m looking for. 5 people (guys or girls) who want to join forces with me in taking down Tyler Stanton’s pathetic NFL Pick’ em team. You don’t need to be an NFL genius, you just need to be savvy enough to log in to CBS Sports to create an entry and you need to be committed enough to not quit halfway through the season.

If you’re interested in being one of my chosen 5*, leave a comment to this post with the following info:

1. Your Name

2. Why I should recruit you onto my team (be as serious or ridiculous as you like.)

You’ll be picking every game against the spread throughout the seventeen week NFL season, and in the end we’ll have two winners:

1 – The Overall Picks Champion (who wins a blog guest post and bragging rights)

2 – The Winning Blog Team (best combined record between Bryan’s Beasts and Tyler’s Turds)

Tyler’s posting this same thing on his blog today in order to assemble his team. If you like him more than you like me, than go apply to be a part of his craptastic squad.

And remember…I reserve the right to pick who I want for whatever reason I want, but I will tell you this. Throw in a nice dig on Tyler in your entry and you might have an edge.

Are you ready for some football? Then bring it on. Destroying that sphere-head and his goons is going to be the most fun you’ll have all year parked in front of a tv. So rise up readers! Who wants to help me do this?

(And if you hate football and are rolling your eyes at this contest, feel free to bash it in the comments. I’m all about equal opportunity here.)

*Update: We’ve decided to expand our teams to 20 a side. I still need a few more people, so pleave your name in the comments and I’ll let you know soon if you’re in.