More Living With the Amish

Time for another edition of Living with the Amish (you can see the previous 14 editions here).

As always, these are actual shots from around Lancaster County, PA taken by yours truly.

Here we go…

Took my first ride in an Amish buggy ever a couple weeks ago.

Well, the cabin of the buggy was Amish.

But the engine was a lot more than 1 horse power.

I’m in talks right now for a sponsorship deal for

I took my buddy Tyler to the park to see what an Amish softball night was like.

As you can see, he was very uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Had to carry him back to the car and use smelling salts to unfreeze him from this position.

The biggest surprise for him was that Amish people will watch TV in public.

These guys are watching the Flyers play in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Of course, they spent the entire time marveling at the playoff beards.

Tyler also learned a valuable lesson in Amish attraction.

If you wear worldly clothes, you’ll have a girl on your arm in no time.

Throw in a Turkey Hill Iced Tea bottle and a cigarette?

One on each arm.

I asked this Amishman how he would defend a free kick from 30 yards with 1 arm.

Good answer.

and now for a few Amish equivalents…

Amish Viking.

Amish training wheels.

and finally…

Amish Car Wash.

…only in Lancaster County.

thanks to Kevin S. for sending in the viking and car wash pics.