7 Signs I'm Having a House Guest

I’ve got a guest post up at Tyler Stanton’s blog today about having house guests.

I wrote about some of the stupid things I do when we have people staying over at our house. (Not sure if you do that too or if I’m the only one.)

Here’s 2 of the 7 things from the list…

1. I finally get around to those house projects. Erica has asked me to hang pictures roughly 416 times over the past 10 years. I’ve always claimed I was incapable, but with our new kitchen in place I’m trying to be a handyman. Last weekend I hung a couple pictures but my Man Card application STILL got denied. Apparently putting a nail in the wall does not constitute a ‘house project’.

4. I Give the House Tour. I guess the only way this would be acceptable was if my name was Barry Obama. Do I really think people care about where my laundry room is and what my master bathroom looks like? Yes. Yes I do. My house is TOTALLY different from the other 500 houses you’ve been in before in your life. Come, let me show you the unique angles in our hot water closet.

To see the rest of the list, and to find out who our mystery house guests will be, check out the post over at Tyler’s blog.

Oh, and on a LOST note, I plan on posting my wrap up thoughts for the finale and the series as a whole sooner rather than later. So if you’re still not sure what happened and how you feel, be on the lookout for that.