LOST Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 13

(If you don’t watch LOST, these posts will be torturous to you. I apologize in advance. Just skip them and come back later, when I will try to make it up to you.)

My brother Jordan and I are back to discuss a few things related to episode 13 of LOST’s final season, “The Last Recruit”. (Jordan’s thoughts will be the ones in blue)


S6, Ep. 13, “The Last Recruit”

I know I keep saying this, but the closer we get to the end, the less compelled I feel to do these recaps.

But I know some of y’all are enjoying them, so here we go:

My 10 biggest Observations/Questions/Thoughts

1. Sayid didn’t shoot Desmond, right?

I sure hope not.

And even if he did, no way he’s dead.

2. Between Sayid not shooting Desmond (if that’s what happened) and Claire possibly NOT killing Kate, do you think we’re supposed to be getting the idea that maybe the darkness WON’T win in them after all? (kinda like what Hurley said about Anakin)

Flocke does seem to have less and less control over the situation. I think Jack is his only minion right now.

Yeah…I guess I can see that as being one of the end themes the show tries to convey. That no one, no matter how dark, is irredeemable. we’ll see…

3. Speaking of, do you think Jack got the darkness infection from almost being blowed up at the end? Flocke did say something to him like, “you’re with me now”, right?

I don’t think so, but at the same time I could see that working on multiple levels.

Yeah, even with the title of the episode. Maybe Jack was Flocke’s “last recruit”.

4. I thought the apple Sawyer was eating at the precinct was a hint that they were Adam and Eve. But then I heard JJ Abrams believes a lead character eating an apple always looks confident, so maybe it’s nothing. And after their reunion this week, maybe I’m thinking the skeletons are the Kwons? What’s your weekly Adam and Eve guess?

Wow, I’m going to start eating more apples if they make you look so confident. Of those two possibilities I think there is a greater chance of it being the Kwons. Honestly I had never even considered the possibility of it being them but it does sort of make sense. If Jin was cured of his infertility by arriving on the island, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to leave.

5. The way Desmond is going around touching lives in the sideways world sure seems like what Jacob was doing in past seasons. Any chance HE replaces Jacob?

There is certainly a chance. Desmond is one of the purest characters on the show, and one of the most beloved. If not Jack, Desmond makes as much sense as anyone.

6. Flocke tells Jack that it was him impersonating Christian on the island. you believe him? Some people aren’t buying it because we also saw Christian on the freighter helping Michael and in L.A. as well. But then again, he knew about the fact that Christian led Jack to find water.

I read a theory that I liked a lot. Basically it said that there have been times when Smokey was appearing as Christian, and times when it was Christian’s spirit that couldn’t pass on. In the early episodes when he appeared wearing the same suit he was buried in, that was most likely the Smoke Monster. He could only appear in the clothes that Christian was buried in, and Flocke had the memory of that happening. (Although, he could have had that memory because Locke ran into Jack during that episode and Jack told him he was chasing the ghost of his father.)

The times where Christian appeared to Michael, Claire, Lock, Sun, and Frank he was wearing different clothes and his appearance was preceded by the whispers. The same whispers that Michael claimed were of the spirits of people who couldn’t pass on.

That might be a tad confusing, but I think the theory holds some water.

7. I’m still so confused about Cindy the flight attendant. Think we’ll ever know why and how she crashed and then just turned up as an other? Perhaps she is the key to EVERYTHING!

Well, back in season two Cindy was with Ana Lucia, Eko, and the gang when they came across Michael, Sawyer, and Jin. Then when the whole group of them were trekking across the island Cindy mysteriously disappeared. Presumably captured by the others, later we see her pop up on Hydra Island and those assumptions were confirmed. I don’t know if that answers your question or not. I guess they were able to convince her that they were the good guys.

I guess you’re right. Don’t know why I keep thinking there’s anything more there.

8. Love how Jack saw Flocke’s face in the mirror on the operating table. Wonder if Jack will have his “oh crap another existence is out there” moment while operating on Locke. And if so, will that effect the procedure?

Well, we have seen a similar situation earlier in the show. Jack was operating on Ben, who at the time was the biggest bad guy on the show, and he used the situation to his advantage even endangering Ben’s life. Foreshadowing maybe?.

Maybe. Also loved how they brought up Locke’s “dural sac”. The same thing that Jack damaged during a procedure before the crash that he recounts to Kate on the beach.

9. What do you think Flocke’s #1 goal is? Is it too escape the island like he keeps saying, or is he lying? What if he’s trying to wrangle all of Jacob’s candidates together do he can kill them all (or have Widmore or someone else do it because the Rules say he can’t)?

Yeah I think I mentioned awhile ago that Flocke was gathering everyone together, and that it could have been to destroy them all in one swoop. I still think that is a possibility. However, I have to assume that he’s not lying when he tells Jacob that he wants to go home. Don’t see why he would be lying in that situation. At the same time, just because he wants to go home, doesn’t mean his end game is escaping the island. Maybe he wants to escape for a certain reason. Widmore would have us believe that it is to destroy everything.

10. Many think things are setting up now to come to a head when each individual will have to choose between the original world and the sideways world. For Jack, destroying the sideways world would mean losing his son. For Hurley, it would mean losing Libby. Others have similar tough choices. What do you think about that as the potential climax?

I think it makes sense. But will everyone get to choose, or will it be one person making the decision that everyone will have to deal with.

That might just be THE question. We’ll see…

tonight…Episode 14, “The Candidate” (just 6 5 hours of LOST left)