Guest Post Winners and Housework

I’ll be doing a bunch of guest posting in April in hopes that some of the other humans on our planet will take notice of my site.

Last Friday I asked you guys if you’d be interested in having me guest post on your blog, and a bunch of you responded.

Without further ado, and with the help of, here are your Guest Post winners:

Keith @

Swimsutra @

Matt Nightingale @

Melanie @

Congrats to you guys (I think), you’ve won a guest post on your blog from me, which hopefully won’t injure your reputation beyond repair. (shoot me an email and we’ll schedule it)

Thanks to everyone who played along, sorry I can’t post on everyone’s blog, but depending on how this goes we might do it again.

And now a question for you all to answer:

What’s the one chore in or around the house that you HATE, and maybe one that you love? (could be anything from laundry to cutting the grass to cleaning windows to trimming hedges to cleaning your floors to scrubbing toilets to shoveling to mulching/edging to vacuuming, etc…)

I’ll go first