More Living With the Amish

Time for another edition of Living with the Amish (you can see the previous 12 editions here).

As always, there are actual pictures taken from my actual phone.

Remember those turtle carriers cars used to use in the 80s?

This is the Amish version.

Wood, plastic wrap, and a red rope.

Caught this Amish guy driving a motorized vehicle.

He thought no one would catch him in his Evilmobile, but I was there to snap a picture.

I’m like the Chris Hansen of the Amish community.

Hey horse, GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

As if riding a scooter in the dead of winter isn’t punishment enough,

here, wear this bright safety vest so no one misses you.

When the snow and ice are too much for the buggy, it’s time to break out the sled.

(aka, Amish snow tires)

What’s in the backpack, buddy?

Hockey sticks?

Farm equipment?

Power outlets and extension cords?

If you live in Lancaster County and have a nose, then you know what this is.

It’s a large green vessel filled with manure for enriching the soil.

When the wind is blowing just right, these things can ruin your entire day.

and finally, time to ask you guys for a caption

i took this picture at the movies a few weeks ago. If you can’t tell, I’m sitting behind an Amish girl.

(caption please)