The Lemonade Stand

Here’s a Saturday remix post for you because there’s nothing like a lemonade stand to make you think of summer with all this snow we’ve had.

It was almost two years ago now that my kids got the idea to have a lemonade stand on a rather warm Saturday afternoon in April.

The convo went down like this…

Kylie: Parker, we should do a lemonade stand.

Parker: ok!

Kylie: We’ll need a table, lemonade, a sign, and a money cup.

Parker: Let’s make it free lemonade!

Kylie: Yeah!

Parker: And we’ll give people money!

Kylie: yeah!

The result was too cute for me not to grab a picture.

I emailed the story to marketing guru Seth Godin, knowing he’d get a kick out of it.

He responded, “great stuff Bryan…generosity at work”.

The kids got a few customers to stop for lemonade, and they all insisted on paying for it.

Erica and I got a memory that will always make us laugh.

“Free Lemonade and we’ll give you money!”

Have a great (and generous) weekend everyone!