Questions for the next Reader Q&A

Back in September I posted a reader Q&A video with 5 questions submitted by readers.

Except the questions weren’t actually submitted by readers…I sort of made them up 45 minutes earlier while brainstorming on the pot. #TMI

Anyway, I’ll be doing another Reader Q&A video soon, and this time I’d like some real questions from real readers.

Leave me a question in the comments and I promise I won’t read it until I hit “record” on the video camera and go through all of them on air.

I’ll read any question you ask, so long as it’s not vulgar or overly offensive. (I’ll have Erica screen them for me prior to recording.)

I’ll answer any question you ask, so long as there’s not a little voice in my head saying, “you better not answer this question.”

Feel free to ask about blogging, sports, lancaster county, food, tv, parenting, writing, my kids, books, humor, the endocrine system, fashion, geography, scrabble, relationship advice, music, or anything else you could possibly think of.

The floor is yours folks…ask and you shall receive.

ps…My last post this year will be on Christmas Eve, and then we’ll be off until January 4th.