Guess the CD Name Part 2

Last week I introduced 3 local CDs and gave you multiple choice options to guess the names.

This week we’re back with 3 more amazing Lancaster County treasures, and a new twist on the game.

I’ll provide you with one word from the actual title of the CD, and you and your creativity can come up with the rest of the title.

Here we go…

The name of this album by international sensation Next of Kin includes the following word:


The name of this album by supergroup Crossroads includes the following word:


and finally…

The name of this album by the infamous Johnny Schrock includes the following word:


Let’s see how close you can come…or how hard you can make me laugh.

Happy guessing!

15 thoughts on “Guess the CD Name Part 2”

  1. Next of Kin – Camping Indoors
    Crossroads – Tieless and Showing Ankle
    Johnny Shrock – Too Old to Rock & Roll, Too Young to Stop Playing Gospel (I punted on this one)

    1. Bill, did you purposefully not follow the instructions or were my instructions not clear? i don't care either way, just wanted to update things if i wasn't being clear.

      love the Crossroads title.


    Next of Kin – Livin' Like I'm Outdoors While Staying Safely Indoors
    Crossroads – Love Being Tieless and Showing Ankle
    Johnny Shrock – Too Old to Rock & Roll, Too Young to Stop Playing Gospel (I still punted on this one)

  3. Next of Kin – Mountain Livin', Worship Givin'
    Crossroads – Love Never Fails, even when your clothes do.
    Johnny Shrock – Old Songs With New Attitude

  4. Couldn’t help but notice that one of Johnny Shrock’s cohorts is Floyd Mullet. Any chance this is a relation to the lovely Lena Mullet of “I’ll Meet You in the Morning” fame? Can one family possibly produce that much talent?

  5. Next of Kin: Campin' like Children; Livin’ like Brothers

    Crossroads: On Matching and Love

    Johnny Shrock: Oldies But Goodies Singin' the Same

  6. Next of Kin: Close: Livin' In the Shadow of the Almighty
    Next of Kin: Not-Even: Livin' Like SurvivorMan Until The Tow Truck Arrives

    Crossroads: Close: Boundless Love
    Crossroads: Not-Even: The Dream Team of Love

    Johnny Shrock: Close: Give Me That Old Time Religion
    Johnny Shrock: Not-Even: Old is Better Than Broken English & Bad Hair or The Same Old Stuff From The Past 50 Years

  7. Next of Kin – Livin' in God's Country
    Crossroads – Love Like a Fountain
    Johnny Schrock – Old Country Gospel Favorites

    You do understand that somebody is going to search for these groups, find your site, and be highly offended, right?

  8. Next of Kin – Livin' with a Fire (Dangerously close to table)
    Crossroads – Love Clothes in the Colour Blue (We just do)
    Johnny Shrock – Old is the New New (Silly songs from my stool)

    (btw in case you're wondering I just enjoy album titles that include a section in brackets. they please me inordinately, so I thought I'd share the blessing!)

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