Bryan vs. Tyler Press Conference Video

In case you missed it last week, I lost. Tyler and I had been racing to 1000 Twitter followers, and in the end he hit the thousand mark before I could even get to 800. Pathetic.

Do you know who his 1000th follower was? It was me. Because when you can’t beat em, you join em. So that’s what I did. In an act of pure class and grace, I became his 1000th follower, sealing my own defeat.

Tyler, on the other hand, wasn’t quiet as gracious, claiming that destroying me was the pinnacle of his existence to date.

Congrats to Tyler’s wife Amy and his kids for coming in second place to me! Your marriage and births, respectively, pale in comparison to his accumulating 1000 followers faster than I could. You must be proud.

And so, to bring closure to this whole embarrassment, I thought a press conference was in order. If you missed it on CNN and MSNBC yesterday, I have the video from it right here.

Bryan vs. Tyler Twitter Press Conference from Bryan Allain on Vimeo.

Congratulations Tyler. You win, you always do.