I'm at Catalyst, and I'm Tired

So, it’s almost 1:00am thursday night (friday morning) and i need to go to sleep because I’ve been up since 5:15am.

Day 1 of Catalyst was a lot of fun.

Heard great messages from Andy Stanley, Rob Bell, Matt Chandler, Shane Hipps, and Malcolm Gladwell.

Missed Francis Chan because I was having dinner with Jon Acuff and some great folks from Zondervan.

My guest post at Stuff Christians Like got pushed from today to next week, so instead of a post about that, you get this groggy Catalyst recap post. Please don’t judge me.

Laughed a lot today and plan on doing more of that tomorrow.

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For you regulars, here’s Tripp interviewing Jon for some of the Catalyst DVD Extras, if you’re in a captioning mood.