More Living With the Amish

As always, these are actual photos of actual Amish folks taken with my actual phone while I drive on actual roads.

And as far as I know, no Amish souls were corrupted or destroyed in the making of this blog post.

Sometimes Amish children are allowed to take to the road by themselves.

Of course, when they do the are given the miniature horse.

This particular horse is the Amish equivalent of a Mini-Cooper.

This horse is more like the Pontiac Fiero.

These kids are too young to be driving themselves.

So instead, they sit patiently in the back of their buggy,

wondering what life would be like at speeds greater than 12 miles per hour.

You’ve heard that Amish folks eschew shoes whenever they can, and it’s true.

Honestly, I can’t think of one good reason why anyone would cut the grass barefoot,

but this dude is going for it.

Then again,

I can’t think of any good reason to mow corn either.

Amish folks love to read, and usually check out 8-10 books at the Family Center’s Library.

Here’s a group of readers who will never download books on a Kindle.

(and you can’t see it here, but these women were, in fact, barefoot.)

In this picture, Erica is either…

a) writing a check for Amish vegetables

b) asking this boy to sign a waiver to appear on my blog

or c) carving “I heart Technology” into his vegetable stand when he’s not looking.

Amish boy on a busy road wearing a blue shirt…

going very slow on a scooter.

Amish man on a busy road wearing a reflective jacket…

going very fast on a scooter.

And here’s the last few seconds of this rollerblading Amish girl’s life.

(I kid, I kid)

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