LOST Season 6: Comic-Con Vids & Poster

Comic-Con was last week, and like they have for the past few years, the executive producers of LOST, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, were there to tease the upcoming season.

As you know, I am completely ANTI-spoilers, so I really haven’t delved too deeply into the hoopla surrounding Comic-Con. The only “spoilerish” things I pay attention to are things that come directly from Damon and Carlton themselves, since I trust them as the head writers not to ruin the show for me.

Since Damon and Carlton were involved in Comic-Con, I wouldn’t consider the info they gave out to be “spoiler material”, but if you want NOTHING to do with any info related to the last season of the show, you can stop reading now.

UPDATE: Here’s a better shot of everyone in that Season 6 poster:

First, here’s two videos from Comic-Con (courtesy of DocArzt.com).

The first is Kate-related:

Second one is a 2-parter. First Hurley, then Oceanic:

So yeah, we all wondered if the bomb going off (assuming it did) meant the plane would land safely in L.A. like Faraday postulated, meaning the plane never crashed. Well, these videos seem to point clearly in that direction. Are they giving us an idea of where Season 6 is headed, or are they serving us up some deep friend Red Herring? The fun will be in finding out…

Meantime, here’s an unofficial glimpse at the Official LOST poster for Season 6.

Tough to see here, but you’ve got almost every main character from the series in that shot…and in then in the middle you’ve got John Locke…with his back turned.