Ask The Funny Folks

I’m putting together a Humor Survey to give to some of the people that make me laugh the most.

I’m going to ask them things like…

+ What shows/books/people do you remember laughing at the most when you were a kid?

+ When did you start to embrace the fact that you had the ability to make people laugh?

+ Where do you draw the line between what’s funny and what’s offensive?

…you know, things along those lines.

But, I need more questions, and that’s where you can help.

Is there something you’d like to ask one of your favorite humorists?

Say, for instance, that I was able to submit some questions to Matthew Paul Turner, Jason Boyett, or Donald Miller regarding humor, writing, jokes, laughter, comedy, and what (if anything) is has to do with their faith. What would you ask them?

Submit your questions in the comments and I’ll use as many as I can…