Intercourse Heritage Days 2009 – Part 2

…continued from Part 1.

This was the woman who won the Shoofly Pie contest.

Notice the bald spot in her part?

Erica tells me it’s because amish women pull their hair down so tightly every day.

Kinda sad…let’s move on…

The 2009 Volleyball Tournament included over 40 teams.

How do you know when things are getting serious?

1. When shirts start getting untucked.

& 2. When amish kids are wearing wristbands.

This dude remembers when his body was young enough to play volleyball.

But years of working the land and avoiding technology takes quite a toll on a man.

(and for those of you who wonder why the amish wear suspenders instead of belts…

…it’s so you can stick your hands in your pants whenever you like.)

Am I contractually obligated to go with “pretty maids all in a row” for this photo?

Yes, I think I am.

This is my neice, Avery, enjoying some homemade Lapp Valley ice cream.

0% Amish.

100% cute.

Dish soap, bucket, water, hay, and gravity.

This is probably stretching the definition of “station” a bit too far, no?

Here’s a couple pushing around a tiny dog in a pink stroller.

I will now kill myself.

She knew there would be consequences for her actions.

Kissing that non-Amish boy last month was a mistake.

But being forced to wear the Scarlet Dress of Shame during Heritage Days weekend?

Let them judge her…his kiss was electric and totally worth it.

Finally, I asked someone to snap this photo of me before I said goodbye to the 2009 edition of  Intercourse Heritage Days.

Santa Claus in the middle of June?


Welcome to Intercouse.