Saturday Visuals / New Caption

A few odds and ends to clean up from the week…

+ We enjoyed a beautiful day at Intercourse Park last night. I snapped a slew of great pics I’ll be posting about next week. Parker actually made the paper this morning for his “I will crush this Tractor Pull” face. He’s not mentioned in the story, though my brother-in-law Chad is, but here’s the picture that ran with the story (before his turn I told him to pedal like he was being chased by a hundred angry dogs…looks like he took that to heart):

and here’s Parker holding the front page of Section 2 of the newspaper this morning:

here’s a quick video of his run…

+ I forgot to announce the winner of last week’s Photo Caption Contest. Here’s the picture and your winner:

“Parker, don’t look now, but is the second baseman pregnant?” – Tyler S.

Good job Tyler. There were quite a few funny ones, but yours found the perfect wording and timing. You win a big box full of nothing and the adoration of all the readers of this blog. (ps. Tyler has a great blog too)

+ Alright funny folks, here’s this week’s photo for you to caption, from my commute to work this past week:

caption please…