Video Mad Libs I

A few days ago I asked for lines of dialogue for a story I was going to write. As expected, you guys came through with some gems. Breadsticks…dead birds…hampers? Loved it.

The result: this video, the first (and maybe last) installment of Video Mad Libs here on the blog. I think everyone who submitted lines will find this amusing. As for everyone else? I have no idea. Let me know in the comments if this is something you want to see again.

One quick logistical note:
The reason I stumble through this at a few points is because it truly is the first time I’m reading it. I wrote the story and left blanks for the quotes, then I copied and pasted the lines of dialogue from the comments section into the story. How did I do that without reading them? It wasn’t easy. I had to do it out of my peripheral vision so my eyes couldn’t focus on the words. Try it sometimes, it makes for a great migraine.

Okay, no more ado. Here it is…

Video Mad Libs I from Bryan Allain on Vimeo.

What did you think? If you enjoyed it, let us know and we’ll do it again.