Storyville Coffee

What if I told you that every dollar you spent on coffee over the next month could go DIRECTLY to the International Justice Mission (who I highlighted on the blog yesterday)?

Well my friends (and enemies), as absurd as this is, you can make this happen.

Storyville Coffee is literally giving away every dollar they make in May (including shipping costs!) to the International Justice Mission to aid in the work of rescuing girls/children from human trafficking and prostitution rings.

In case you don’t get it, let me spell it out for you:

1. You order a bunch of coffee from Storyville in the next 3 days.

2. They take all the money you spend and give it to IJM.

3. Storyville gets great publicity, you drink great coffee (according to my friend Brad, it is great coffee) & IJM gets much needed funds.

4. You come back to my blog and tell me about it.

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN. And honestly, it almost makes it sinful to get coffee from anywhere else over the next 3 days. I kid, I kid.

This offer runs out late Sunday night, so go order some now. Even if you don’t like coffee…order some anyway and give it away as a gift. The only downside that I can see is that they send you beans, not ground coffee, so hopefully you have a coffee grinder.

PS…I don’t have a coffee grinder, can you anyone recommend an inexpensive, reliable one?

(h/t: IJM,, Storyville Coffee)