Tyler, Erica, and Derek

I only have time for a quick 3-point update today as I’ll be spending 4 hours this afternoon volunteering at an Animal Rescue Mission. If you know anything about me, you are laughing right now because you know I am not a big fan of dogs. And by “not a big fan” I mean, “don’t tell me he never bites. That’s what dogs do. They Bite!”

But alas, when you are in charge of the team building committee at work, and when you organize a community service project at a local dog shelter, you are expected to go. Woof Woof.

1. Looks like Derek Webb has broken down one of the songs from his new album into pieces, and he’s placed the pieces of the song on flash drives that he’s hiding around Nashville (and maybe the whole country???). Here’s the guy (Robert Gay) who found the first one…

I won’t provide daily updates on the progress of it all. For that you can keep tabs on derekwebb.net, where Michael, Geof, and I will keep things updated.

2. My lovely wife Erica just now sent me a picture from her phone of her relaxing poolside at her mom’s. This is just great. I am going to spend the next few hours spreading mulch and trying to avoid being bitten to death by an angry dog while she swims and tans. I’d call this unfair if it wasn’t for the fact that she works 10 times harder than I do every day holding our house and family together. Still, this makes me want to bite a dog.

3. My new friend Tyler Stanton makes his reality TV debut tonight on HGTV’s Renovation Realities.

It’s on at 10:30pm. (not sure why it says it first aired last month…maybe this isn’t his debut). Feel free to watch along with me. And feel free to cast judgment on Tyler every time he appears on the screen along with me.

Oh, and this weekend I think I’m going to be guest-posting on Tyler’s blog, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great day not being chased by dogs!