Thoughts on the LOST Season 5 Finale

The Season 5 finale was fantastic.

Lots of stuff to get into, which I won’t here and now. But I do want to talk about Jacob and the other dude in the black shirt. Here’s a bunch of scattered thoughts about who Jacob and that blackshirt guy are.

Watch that opening scene with jacob (in white) and the other dude (in black) again, and think of Jacob as God and the other dude as being the devil. Suddenly the scene makes a whole lot more sense.

I know I’m not the only one saying this, but I believe that Jacob is a physical manifestation of God. And the blackshirt dude is the devil.

In that opening scene it’s like God and Satan are having a convo like they did in the book of Job. Blackshirt says “You know how bad I want to kill you right now?” Why can’t he? Maybe for the same reason Satan can’t kill God. Blackshirt talks about how it’s all a loop, and how man corrupts and destroys and it always ends the same. But Jacob talks about how he sees progress.

In fact, he says “It only ends once, everything else is progress”. Sounds like God’s perspective.

Blackshirt is looking for a loophole to kill Jacob. One could argue that Satan did, in fact, kill God (in the form of Jesus), but in the end this worked against Satan. Also, remember the opening scene, Jacob weaving a tapestry? Is there a better metaphor for how God weaves together the lives and events of millions of people? Or maybe more specifically the lives of a handful of people who eventually got on Flight 815.

Speaking of the tapestry, at the end when Jacob mentions the tapestry he says it takes even longer when you’re the one who makes the thread. as in, the creator? Apparently the tapestry said “may the gods grant thee all thy heart desires.”

And the answer to “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” It was “He who shall protect/save us all”

What about the flashbacks? Notice how Jacob touched every one of the LOSTies. Kate on the nose, Locke’s shoulder, Jack’s fingers, Hurley’s arm, Sayid in the street (saving his life), Sawyer’s hand. Could this be symbolic of God reaching down and touching our lives? Touching the lives of the LOSTies.

Also, Jacob’s Korean is excellent. Why? because he’s God, that’s why.

Also notice how friendly and nice Jacob was with all of them. At first I thought it was a creepy dude putting on an act. But what if it was God acting like God? saving Kate from embarrassment and telling her “be good, Katie”. healing Locke to some degree and comforting him. Helping Sawyer finish his note. Saving Sayid’s life. Getting Hurley out of jail. Giving Jack the “little push” he needed.

I think the black smoke is basically Satan too. And that body of Christian Shepherd was animated by Satan (black smoke) to get Locke to leave the island and die and come back as a carcass. And as soon as Locke’s dead body showed up on the island, the black smokey satan took his form and pretended to be him.

Follow me here: If Richard Alpert is some kind of angel or something, then there’s no way he would have led just anyone to Jacob, only the man he thought was the leader. So Smokey convinces Locke he should be the leader while he’s alive, and convinces him he needs to die. Richard Alpert buys this (even though repeated visits to young John point to him NOT being the leader.) And when it appears Locke has been resurrected, Alpert believes. And he agrees to lead Smokey Locke to Jacob. Ahh, but Smokey Locke could only get to Jacob, but he still couldnt kill him (otherwise he would have back on the beach in the opening scene). He needed to convince Ben to kill Jacob. So smokey Locke takes Ben underground into the temple, Locke disappears and Smokey Alex shows up to say “listen to Jon Locke or I’ll kill you”. Then Smokey John convinces Ben he needs to kill Jacob, convinces Richard to let Ben go into the statue with him, and voila! Satan has created his loophole. Did that take a lot? yup. and Smokey Locke says to Jacob in that final scene “You have no idea what I had to do to get here”

What do you think?

Oh and remember when Ben says to Smokey Locke “Why would I want to kill Jacob?” and Smokey Locke says, “you got cancer, and all this bad stuff happened to you, blah blah, and all because you were serving this guy who you’ve never even seen. the question is, “Why the hell wouldnt you want to kill Jacob?” Sounds exactly like what the devil might say to a believer to try and deceive him into losing faith, aka killing God in their life. “You serve God but your life is crappy. Forget him.” Sounds a bit like the serpent in the garden.

Oh and speaking of the garden…what if Adam and Eve in the cave are actually…Adam and Eve? The island is Eden. And the first iteration of the loop was Adam and Eve, and they became corrupt and falied. And since then God has continued to bring people to Eden in hopes that they wouldnt fail…in hopes of “progress”. and all the while, satan is trying to kill God.

Lots of stuff to digest, but I think the big picture framework of the show has been set.

How it all fits together? Tune in 8 months from now to find out.