Funny Christians

My boy Jonny Acuff posted 3 questions over at Stuff Christians Like today.

  1. What Christian blogs are you reading that are funny?
  2. What comedians that are Christian do you love?
  3. What Christian writers are creating great satire?

Jon then listed his answers to those questions and guess who made the list? this guy! (that would be me for those of you not envisioning my pointing both of my thumbs at myself)

In fact, you may be here for the first time because of Jon’s endorsement.

So…if you are new here and you’re wondering if I’m funny or not, I don’t know what to tell you…actually, that’s a lie. Yes i do.

Your best bet is probably to read this post, The Best of The Ramblings, and see if my brand of humor lines up with yours. If you enjoy it, go tell Jon he’s brilliant for mentioning me (and subscribe to Ramblings and Such for more of my nonsense).

If it’s not for you, blame Jon and go egg his house with roe.

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!

And thanks for the endorsement Jon! (sorry I called you Jonny earlier…and sorry I called you ‘my boy’)