Grey's Anatomy Distractions

I’m sitting here trying to type out a blog post on Thursday night. It’s not going so well. Erica is watching Grey’s Anatomy and I can’t really concentrate on anything. It’s something I’ve learned in the past year. I can’t write with any distractions. No music, no TV in the background, nothing like that.

Since there’s no way I’m blogging about anything else tonight, might as well give you play by play…

Right now Derek Shepherd has a nice winter beard going on. McDreamy is now McBeardy. And he is talking to a fellow Doctor who is an Iraq vet about the fact that he (the vet) had a meltdown last night and started choking his girlfriend in his sleep. The choking scene was as difficult to watch as it sounds. This scene isn’t much better.

In the meantime Dr. Alex is freaking out because his girlfriend Izzy is about to undergo brain surgery for cancer. At least I think it’s cancer. A few weeks ago she was hallucinating and having pretend sex with her dead fiancee, which apparently was a side effect of the melanoma on the brain. Alex has a beard too, and now he’s crying into his beard because he’s supposed to get some of his sperm into a cup to fertilize his girlfriend’s eggs that they are going to freeze in case she makes it through the surgeries and someday they want kids. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Now Christina is trying to convince the Iraq vet that she’s okay with the fact the he tried to choke her in his sleep last night. And McBeardy is going through his surgical instruments in preparation of the brain surgery. He’s the one operating on Izzy, even though the last brain surgery he did didn’t go so well and he freaked out and ran out of the hospital. He’s second guessing himself, which is understandable.

Now Izzy is on the table and the doctors have scrubbed in. There’s some really haunting music playing in the background. I hope if I ever have to go in for a complicated surgery that this music isn’t playing in the O.R. I’d like something a little lighter. Maybe some island music or something.

Hey, it’s a new Dan Brown movie starring Tom Hanks! Angels and Demons! Chances of me seeing that in the theater? Negative 20%!

The surgery went well! Now McBeardy is shaving his beard, which must mean that beards are a symbol for surgeons with no confidence. Alex is crying in his beard again, but he’s bedside with his just-operated on girlfriend, so I’ll allow it. Christina is now making out with her boyfriend who tried to choke her in his sleep at the beginning of the episode. A little touching, but mostly not.

Okay, I think the episode is wrapping up now. The doctor formerly known as McBeardy has decorated the elevator with CT scans of past operations he’s done with his girlfriend Meredith as a fellow doctor. He’s about to say something important…”I’m not going to get down on one knee. I’m not going to ask a question. I love you Meredith Grey, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Her reply…”And I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. Perhaps if I had a beard I would be crying right now, but I am clean-shaven and dry-eyed.

How about that! It’s our second proposal on this network in the past month! The first was a “real” one on The Bachelor that turned out to be fake. This one was a “fake” one that somehow felt slightly more real.

Oh, and Christina broke up with her Iraq vet boyfriend in the end. And Izzy just might recover from the surgery after all. And I think it’s time to shave and go to bed.

Or maybe I’ll take a page out of Dr. Alex’s book tonight and eschew the razor in favor of crying myself to sleep in my beard.

Yeah, that sounds about right.