The Hump Day Special

5 random things for a random wednesday…

1. There’s a thousand things I love about GMail, and this is one of them. Mail Goggles. This works as a sort of filter for folks who like to send email while in an inebriated state. Are you sometimes drunk from 11pm-4am on saturday nights? Enable “Mail Goggles” during that time frame and Google will make you solve some math problems before you are allowed to send an email.

Hey, maybe we should get this feature put into cars as well?

2. I’m not sure why I play golf. I’m not that great. It’s expensive. It takes 4.5 hours to play a round. It’s frustrating. And yet, I can see April on the horizon and once again I am starting to get the itch to play. Most of the things in life that I suck at, I move on from. It’s why I don’t try to build decks, work on cars, or write music in my spare time. And yet with golf, I just keep coming back.

3. I’m getting anxious to hear something from Derek Webb’s new album in progress, Stockholm Syndrome. My sources tell me that something might be in my possession in the next few weeks. If I’m able to get my hands on anything, I’m going to try and discretely leak some of it here on the site so stay tuned.

4. For you LOST fans, check out a barely post-pubescent Daniel Faraday explaining the wonders of a Subaru in his typical Faraday-esque rambling style.

and finally…

5. My brother Jordan is moving to Hawaii!!! More on this in the next LOST podcast.