The Christian Book Expo

As I blogged about last month, I recently spent a few days in Dallas speaking at CFNI and visiting old friends. It was a fantastic time.

My only regret while I was there? That I didn’t turn the frozen donkey wheel (LOST, FTW!) and transport myself a month into the future.

This week in Dallas the inaugural Christian Book Expo is being held. As Rachelle Gardner wrote on her blog, there’s going to be a bunch of stuff there:

There will be:

+ Over 150 workshops and seminars led by Christian authors
+ Thousands of books shown on the exhibit floor
+ Inspirational events each night featuring musicians & authors
+ The Bible History Experience
+ A Kid Zone
+ Panel discussions moderated by Christianity Today editors
+ The Christian Book Awards

5 Reasons I wish I was going…

1. It’s open to the public and cheap. You can get a pass for all 4 days of the Expo for $59. If you just want to go for 1 day, it’s $29. And there’s online discounts that will knock $10 off the price from what I’m told.

2. On Friday from 3:30pm-5:00pm Donald Miller and Mary DeMuth will 2 of the 4 panelists discussing “Living Christianly in a Post-Christian Culture”. I’d love to sit in on that.

3. I’d love to get a chance to shake hands and chat up a few of the authors I’ve had communications with through emails and such over the last year, including Scot McKnight, Dillon Burroughs, and Tony Jones.

4. On Saturday from 9:00am to 10:30am Tony Jones, Kevin DeYoung, and a few others will be on a panel discussing the Emerging Church. Since Tony is the face of the Emergent movement (with apologies to Brian McLaren) and DeYoung wrote a book harshly criticizing the movement, it should be a good time.

5. I’ve got aspirations of being an author someday, so I can’t think of anything cooler than hanging out with authors and book people for 4 days.

If you live in Dallas, and you’ve got some free time over the next few days, you should check it out.

Maybe I’ll see you there…next year.