Potluck Monday

Here’s 7 totally unrelated things…

1. If you’re filling out NCAA Tourney Brackets and looking for an online group, come join us at the Burnside Writers Collective. Click on this Yahoo link to put in your group info. Then enter group ID: 96743 and password: burnside.

2. I’ll be uploading 2 of my recent messages onto the website this week. The first is the 25-minute talk I gave at church a few Wednesdays ago. The second is a 15-minute message I shared with the youth group last Thursday. I’ll put them up in mp3 form for your downloading pleasure.

If you think you’re church might be into bringing me in to speak to the youth group, men’s group, or whole group, hit me up with an email at bryanallain(at)gmail.com. I’m a cheap get right now, and I promise to bring the funk.

3. I am now entering a dark period of my life that happens every March called “creating the softball schedule”. It takes a lot of work to find slots for 88 games when certain teams can’t play on certain nights. It probably takes about 10 hours worth of work spread out over 10-14 days for me to get it right. (Yeah, I know there are software programs out there to do this…but I have to admit, the dork in me sees it as one giant logic puzzle and secretly loves it.)

4. If you’re on twitter and you’re not following me, then what are you waiting for? For me to be worth following? Well, that’s never going to happen…so you might as well just get on with it. Click here, follow me, and make the best decision you’ve made all hour.

5. My brother-in-law Chad took Parker and Landon skiing a few weeks ago. It was Parker’s first time and he had a blast. Here’s your visual proof…

6. I’ve received three books for free in the last 2 weeks on the promise that I would blog reviews about them. Works for me! I should have a review of the first one up tomorrow, and the Cannarfs will be flying like sunflower seed shells in a tobacco-free dugout.

7. I’ve said this before on the blog, but there are two types of people in the world: Those who wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and those who don’t. Me? I don’t. But hey, to each his/her own.

What about you? Are you going to purposefully wear green on Tuesday, purposefully NOT wear green on Tuesday, or not even give it another second of thought?