Thoughts on Writing

There are few topics I love reading about more than writing. Totally fascinates me. Here’s a few things I’ve read online recently that I thought were worth sharing…

+ Donald Miller walks you through the 9 steps he takes in writing a book from start to finish. Considering how successful Don has been at creating important books, I thought it was great that he shared what his creative process looks like. If you’re a writer, or just interested in the process, I highly recommend it.

+ Mark Batterson talks about why he writes in the morning without shoes on. An interesting look at the habits of a successful author.

+ Agent Rachelle Gardner shares the story or a writer who was not ready to be published 6 years agobut recently signed a book deal thanks to the hours she has put in honing her craft and developing her platform. Encouraging to read for those of us working hard at doing those very things.