LOST 5.06 "316"

Like last week, I shot my random ideas and theories on the latest LOST episode to my brother Jordan and he fired his thoughts back.

At least, I’m pretty sure it was my brother Jordan who responded to my email. There’s a chance that the smoke monster killed him and took over his body. We’ll find out if he tries to pull a gun on me.

(as always, Jordan’s thoughts are in bold.)

LOST 5.06 316

LOST 5.06 316

Alright, overall what did you think of this episode?

Pretty big payoff episode. These are the ones you wait for with a show like LOST. It’s nice to get some answers, even if they just open up more questions. interesting that they switched the sequence of episodes, this was supposed to be next week. with the upcoming episode being pushed back a week. i wonder why they chose to do that.

Yeah, not sure. For me, the biggest thing from this episode were the parallels of Ajira Flight 316 to Oceanic Flight 815. Some were contrived, some maybe not. Both flights had a dead body wearing Christian Shepard’s shoes, both flights had a US Marshall with a handcuffed prisoner, both flights had someone with a guitar, both flights had someone holding a letter (it was Sawyer in the pilot), both flights were supposed to be piloted by Frank Lapidus,  both flights featured someone reading a comic book. I’m sure I’m missing more.

yeah i thought it was really cool how they needed to make the flight as much like the original. you were wrong about one thing though, both dead bodies weren’t wearing christians shoes, christian was wearing jack’s tennis shoes. but, both dead bodies are wearing someone elses shoes that jack put on them.

It makes you wonder where the similarities end. Is Kate pregnant (like  Claire was) from her encouter with Jack? If Lapidus made it to the island, will he meet the same fate as the pilot to 815? Speaking of which, do you think it’s only the Ajira3 on the island now, and the rest of the passengers continued on their flight? Or do you think Ben, Sayid, Lapidus, and Sun are on the island too?

i don’t think its the ajira 3, that would be terrible. i think ben and sayid and sun made it to the island. not sure about everyone else. you’d think that lapidus made it though, as well as that guy behind jack in line since they felt the need to show him a couple times. also, how did that guy get into the same section of the plane as the oceanic 6? hurley bought all the tickets, and yet he is the one guy that gets on. theres more to this guy than we know right now.

Yeah, and apparently his name is Caesar or Cesar. And the Marshall that had sayid is name Ilana.

You’ve gotta wonder how Sayid and Hurley ended up on that plane. Seems to me like the best explanations might be that Charlie appeared to Hurley again  and told him to take the flight and bring the guitar. As for Sayid, you have to think Ben and his mauled face were behind this. Did he have Sayid kill people for him in Guam in the past, and then turn him in so that he would be extricated there on Flight 316?

yeah im with you on the charlie and hurley connection. hurley doesn’t trust many people, but he does trust ghost charlie. my first guess was also that ben got that beating from sayid when he went to try to convince him to go to the island. sayid said that if he saw ben again it would be extremely unpleasant. not sure why the marshall would be bringing him to guam though. ben has to be behind it.

And who gave Ben the bloody face? What’s your first inclination? That it was Desmond defending Penny from Ben, or something that happened with Sayid or Hurley?

i guess it could be desmond defending penny, but i dunno, doesnt seem right. i dont think ben would have wasted time trying to kill penny when he knew they had such a small window of time. definitely don’t think it was hurley, my gut says sayid. hes already got experience beating ben up, and ample reason to do it again.

More lies from Ben. Gotta love it. Especially when Mrs. Hawking calls him out and says, “yeah, he’s probably lying.” Then on the plane he says his mother taught him to read (which was a great line) except that we know his mother died during childbirth. another lie! We did really get the sense in this episode that Ben was not happy that Jack got to “stay after school” with Mrs. Hawking. Do you think that was an act as well, or is he really not privy to EVERYTHING going on?

yeah i love ben, best character ever. so many lies and yet he is still so believable every time. you always want him to be on our side no matter how many times he pulls the wool over our eyes. i think that it was an act  when he was acting jealous of jack staying after school.  any time ben says anything its a safer assumption to think that he is lying. and especially in a situation like this where it seems like ben would know everything about the plan to get back.

Kate seemed sufficiently freaked about not having Aaron anymore. Who’s got him? Claire’s mom? Kate’s mom? Sawyer’s girlfriend who’s raising Sawyer’s daughter?

yeah something went down, im sure we will see it in a few episodes from now. i really cant even take an educated guess at this one. did she drop him off at her mom/cassidy’s house to protect him from the lawyers or did she give him to the lawyers so she wouldnt have to take him to the island. it seems like she isn’t too proud of what happened. this seems like another condition of the 815 flight, kate is on the run. although i guess she was actually in custody already last time.

Think there was anything more to the note that Locke gave Jack? Hidden meaning? Invisible ink like the blast door map? Guess we might never know.

im sure we will know, if we never see the note again there was nothing else to it. if you remember jack held on to the piece of the paper that said ‘i wish’, i think he lost the rest of it when he got zapped down to the island. i dont think there was any more to the note though, what else did locke have to say? if jack would have believed him then he wouldnt have left the island and locke wouldnt have needed to leave the island and kill himself, so he blames jack and wishes that jack would have just stayed put on the island.

Christian has always appeared in those white tennis shoes, but many viewers noticed last week that he wasnt wearing them. Now we find out how it might have happened, because Jack is bringing his shoes to the island. Any thoughts on this, it’s making my head hurt.

i didnt think we saw a shot of christian’s feet, but if we did and they werent the normal tennis shoes then so what. he’s not wearing the suit anymore that jack put on him in the coffin, why should we expect him to keep the shoes on? it looks like he’s working for jacob now, and has switched over to the old timey wardrobe. heres something i find more interesting about shoes on lost. there has been multiple times a character on lost has removed someones shoes. it seems to be symbolic of something on the show. heres some times just off the top of my head.

1. kate removing the shoes from a dead body so she has better shoes to trek around in.

2. kate removing the shoes of her father shortly before she blows him up.

3. kate removing sawyers shoes when he was near death in the swan station.

4. jack removing locke’s shoes and putting his fathers shoes on him.

i think there has been some more too that i cant remember.

Speaking of Jack’s dad, what about his grandfather? Have we seen him in the show before at all? I dont remember him. seemed a bit random.

thats the first time we have seen jack’s grandfather, but he has been mentioned before. my theory from a while ago was that jacob was jack’s grandfather. i had some reasons behind it that i don’t feel like getting into right now, but it seems unlikely at this point. you never know though, if locke’s dad could randomly appear on the island im not ruling anything out.

Finally, i went back and listened to the broadcast of the numbers from last episode, and it did kinda sound like Hurley. Fast forward to the end of this episode where Jin shows up in a Dharma uniform. This means that the O6 and the Losties are in the same time and same place, and it is probably the 1970s. Suddenly it’s conceivable that Hurley will be around when the radio tower is built, and he might actually be the one to record the numbers initially. Then Leonard and Sam would later hear them on a boat in the Pacific, then Sam would repeat them to Hurley in the mental home, then Hurley would play the lottery with them, and then his life would fall apart and he would decide to fly to Sydney. It’s a self-contained loop, similar to what Locke did with the compass, what Faraday might have done by telling his mother about time travel in 1954 before he was born (haha), and what Faraday tried to do with warning Charlotte not to come back to the island. But why on earth would Hurley broadcast those numbers, knowing now what he knows?

knowing lost, he will probably put in a situation where he has to do it against his will, not that someone will be forcing him to do it. but he will not want to do it because he knows what will happen because of it, but he will feel like he needs to or the universe will fall apart or something like that. i cant wait for that scene though, should be great. There is going to be a lot of these by the time the show is done. the whole show is going to be this great loop that keeps continuing itself. i think i just made that word up.

OK, one more. Is it me, or doesn’t this feel like the Final Season the way things are happening? I keep forgetting there’s a whole ‘nother season after this one. What possible conflict are they setting up for the cliffhanger at the end of this season? Can’t wait to find out.

yeah you’re right, and i hadnt thought of that. but i trust the writers with whatever direction they are going to take it.