Negatives to Positives

Something we like to talk about a lot in Christian circles is how God takes negatives and turns them into positives. Is it just something we say to make ourselves feel better about a bad situation, or is there actually truth to that statement?

Back in January I booked 2 nights at our favorite suite for this week. We arrived today and I was told there was no reservation. I pulled up the email on my iPhone and sure enough, the confirmation they sent me last month was for the wrong night. I hadn’t read it carefully. The suite we wanted was available, but would need to be cleaned if the cleaning crew could even get to it. We discussed our options with the concierge, and upon seeing that we are repeat customers, he actually upgraded us to an expensive suite in the Club level for the same price! What started out as a negative ended up a positive.

I’m sitting in our very nice suite right now, thinking about how sometimes we get so caught up in our circumstances, that we forget that God could be doing something bigger in our lives. Even in that moment a few hours ago when I realized the reservation was wrong, the last thing I was thinking was that we were going to come out ahead in the end. Yet that’s the way it worked out.

I’m not saying God was behind the reservation snafu. Maybe He was. Probably He wasn’t. But let me encourage you that God does turn negatives into positives, and even though you might be going through some stanky crap right now, God just might be setting you up for something great. Maybe you just found out someone screwed up your reservation. If so, don’t go negative about it. The club suite might be on the way. (and if not, that other room isn’t so bad either.)

Your job is to keep your attitude positive, it’s the one thing you actually can control.

and on that note, I’m off to raid the free snack bar…