LOST 5.04 "The Little Prince"

So, Wednesday night saw the return of a few of our favorite characters…and the return of bloody noses.

as always, these do not contain spoilers…I don’t know anything that will happen beyond the most recent episode. this is all just speculation that i’ve thought of and collected from online. Please don’t leave spoilers in the comments. And no, I didn’t go back and fix typos…this is too long.

+ Let’s start with the name of the episode, which is a reference to a very popular French children’s novel. You can read all about the book here, but the main things to take from the reference is that the boy in the story lives on an asteroid named B612. In french, this is “besixdouze”, which was written on the box that Locke turned over on the beach. Also, in the story the boy is told that in order to get back to his planet he has to die. Sounds like what Locke has been told, no?

+ Jin. He’s alive! I guess. So if he’s been jumping all over time with the rest of the LOSTies, he doesn’t know it since he’s been floating on the water. I guess this means that the rest of the LOSTies are with him in 1988, the year that Rousseau’s team shipwrecked onto the island. Who knows how long they’ll stay there. Will it be long enough for us to see Montand lose his arm? Will we start to see her crew getting sick? Remember some of the details the writers have given us about Rousseau: she shot her husband, she had Alex 2 months into her island stay, and she lost Alex to Ben a week later.

+ Speaking of “the sickness”, I don’t think her crew is going to be time travelling like the LOSTies are. Soon they will flash and the French people will still be in 1988. So what makes them sick? Do they have their own time travel episodes? Or is it the radiation from jughead?

+ And back to Jin…if he’s alive, then is Sun trying to avenge a death that never happened? and might this be the way that Ben is going to convince her to go back to the island? Because he knows that Jin is there, alive. Clearly that’s his main motive right now. I think it’s why he is trying to scare Kate that she will lose Aaron, so she will want to go back to the island.

+ The Ajira Airlines bottle on the beach next to the empty canoes. What if they had flashed to 2008 and the bottle belonged to someone from the Oceanic 6 who had come back to the island on Ajira Airlines? And what if those Canoes belonged to the Oceanic 6, and it was the O6 who were shooting at the LOSTies right before they flashed to a rainy night in 1988?

+ Speaking of Ajira Airlines, if the O6 fly back to the island, wondering where they might land? What about that runway that Sawyer and Kate were helping the Others build back in Season 3?

+I saw where someone online wondered if Daniel doesn’t really love Charlotte, he was only trying to convince her that he was in love with her in hopes that he would become her constant. Since everyone is getting nose bleeds now, can we assume that Charlotte has spent the most time on the island, followed by Miles and then Juliet?

+ On the topic of course correction, what if the LOSTies are going to say something to 1988 Rousseau about her baby being kidnapped a week after she has her? (Assuming Locke and company run into her before they flash out.) Might that change the fact that Ben stole her? If Keamy changed the rules when he shot Alex, might the island be course correcting by changing the past so that it won’t happen that way? I don’t know…just thinking out loud…

+ While watching last night we got confused about when the O6 and Losties are in present time (go figure). But I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the show is showing you 2 different things. For the people still on the island, they are showing you what happened to them in the days after the O6 left (January 2005). For the O6 off the island, they are showing you what is happening 3 years after they left (January 2008). If eventually the O6 get back to the island, will it be in January 2008? And if it is, are we going to get the whole story as to what happens in those 3 years on the island? Clearly this is all messed up and near impossible to comprehend at this point…but we’re all in it until the end, so hopefully they can make sense of it for us.


+ and yeah, I still miss the smoke monster.