The Power of the Post-It

Here’s two completely unrelated things for the price of one post. You’ll see why I even bothered to put them together in a minute…

1) Post-It

I’ve tried apps for the web, the desktop, and the iPhone. I’ve tried Jott, Evernote, and a bunch of others. I’ve tried using a White-Board in my cube at work, and I’ve tried a notebook too.

But for me it always come back to the one thing that is small, sticky, and always there for me.

The post-it.

What about you? Do you use To-Do lists? How do you stay organized? High-tech applications and gadgets…or pen and paper?

2) Post-It

As i was typing this post up, I suddenly remembered gag I had written up for a few years ago. It was a fake news story (we called them “red rumors” back then. the “blue rumors” were the stories that were real) about one of our readers finding a crumpled sheet of paper in the trash after a Caedmon’s show. The note was a letter from bassist Jeff Miller to lead singer Cliff Young, introducing him to a new song he had written called…wait for it…”Post It”.

It’s a love song about a guy with a bad memory, and I wrote the whole thing in a half hour (which explains why it’s terrible.) Anyway, I thought of it, and thought you might find it amusing. I can still remember the exact tune to the song in my head…

“Well, I forgot to change the oil in my car
But I forget to fill the tank, So I’m not going very far”

I think I missed my calling.