Best Name Ever

Last night I was watching WGAL for the weather forecast (I’m not a big TV news guy) when they ran a story on a Cocalico gym teacher who resigned after it was discovered she was sending inappropriate text messages to one of her male high school students.

There was nothing special about the story, but when they rolled the obligatory “interview with upset parents” footage, I busted out laughing and could not stop. Then I felt kinda bad. Then I started laughing again. They I backed up the DVR to watch it again. Then I paused it and laughed some more. Then Erica asked “what’s wrong with you?”. Then I kept laughing. Then I decided to grab my phone and get a picture.

I mean no ill will towards this woman. I bet she is a great mom and a great friend. Seriously, I think the world of her.

But her name! Wow…Pretty sure it’s the best name ever.

Is that really awful of me? If so, I’m sorry that I’m still snickering…