Lost 5.01 and 5.02 First Take

Wow, what a start to LOST’s penultimate season! Where to begin???

as always, these do not contain spoilers…I don’t know anything that will happen beyond the most recent episode. this is all just speculation that i’ve thought of and collected from online. Please don’t leave spoilers in the comments.

+ Catch Phrase for Season 5: “When Am I?”

+ So, it seems to me that in Seasons 1-3 we flashed back. In Season 4 we flashed forward. And now in Season 5 it’s not the storytelling that is flashing…it’s the actual characters on the island. Is this going to be the way we learn about backstories and such? Because the LOSTies on the island actually travel in time there? The flaming arrows being shot at them…that’s a primitive weapon. Maybe at that point they were in time with the Black Rock survivors? And the people with the accent and the old fashioned gun…was that Rousseau’s people?

+ Speaking of Rousseau’s people, seems like the “sickness” they all had was the time travel sickness, right?

+ Why is Charlotte getting Time Travel sickness now? As soon as Faraday recognizes it, he checks his notebook…probably looking to find out who her ‘constant’ is. Then he tells Desmond to go find Faraday’s mother. Is this Charlotte’s constant?

+ Also, Charlotte couldnt remember her mother’s maiden name. Is this significant? Is it ‘Faraday’…meaning he and Charlotte are siblings?

+ Back to the Black Rock…seems we know now how the ship got in the middle of the island. The island must have traveled in time and appeared right when the ship was in the same spot. How does that explain the Polar Bears? Did it flash back to the ice age or something? Or does the island not only move in time, but also geographically.

+ Do you think it’s possible that Dr. Candle’s baby from the opening scene is actually Miles?

+ Lots of people are wondering if Locke is really dead after all. Jack asks him and Ben evades the question. Some thing that Locke might be in a coma induced by the Medusa Spider that paralyzed Nikki and Paolo when they were buried alive. Then again Richard told John he would have to die.

+ That convo between Richard and John might have been my favorite moment of the episode. The compass that he gives him, is that the same compass from last Season when Richard visited young John Locke? Here’s a screenshot:

…it looks a little different, but I think it’s supposed to be the same one.

+ Also, didn’t Locke see a man in a tan shirt coming towards him when he was hiding in the plane…and then it was Richard in a purple shirt? Am I remembering that correctly?

+ Remember when Desmond clarifies to Penny that he didnt dream of the Island, that he had a memory (of Daniel telling him to go to Oxford). Well, think back to when John Locke had a dream about where he and Boone would find the crashed plane. I guess that wasnt a dream after all, but also a memory.

+ Desmond is Faraday’s constant right? Is he sending Desmond to Oxford to see his mom…or to see him?

+ Also, was there a point in Season 1 where Locke was with Boone and his legs stopped working? Could this have been a result of the gunshot John received in his leg by Ethan?

+ Seems like Mrs. Hawkins (white-haired lady) is going to turn out to be Faraday’s mom, right? What’s her connection to Ben? What about the Butcher lady?

+ One thing to remember about Ben…he promised Widmore he would go after Penny to get revenge for Alex’s death.

+ Does all this time travel have any effect on who you think Adam & Eve are? (remember, they are the skeletons found in the cave in Season 1).

+ Faraday describes what is happening to the island as a record skipping…jumping along on the “string of time”…How does this relate to Mrs. Hawkins news to Ben at the end of the episode that he has 70 hours to get everyone back on the island? Is this “skipping” only going to last for 70 more hours? Does this have to do with the fact that the universe ALWAYS course corrects? And if Ben can’t get them back on the island in 70 hours, then the Universe won’t be able to course correct? Maybe that’s why she says “Then may God help us all”…

So…those are my two cents on last night’s episodes. They were awesome (the episodes, not my thoughts). If you watched last night, please add your two cents to the discussion as well, would love to hear some more speculation and reaction from the show…