Get Your Schedule On

I’m changing jobs at work, and in doing so, I’m going to be busier during the 9 to 5 than I have been for the past year or so. Unfortunately, the longer it takes me to get all my tasks accomplished at work, the less time I have to work on other things, like, say, writing.

What’s a boy to do? I could quit my job and write full time. But without a solid plan in place and no current revenue streams, I would bankrupt our family before you can say “Barack Obama Nicotine Patch”. Don’t think I’ll go that route.

I could complain about it. But I hate complaining. Really not a fan of it at all. Not to mention the fact that I have a great job that God uses to provide for my family well beyond our needs. Complaining is the last thing I should be doing.

My solution? A new schedule!

I’m going to try an experiment for 3 weeks. It involves me getting up at 5:30am 4 days a week. It involves scheduled time most mornings to pray, write, and work out. It includes “sleeping in” until 6:30am on thursdays and 1 morning per weekend. It includes me getting to work on time.

I’ve got each morning of the week scheduled out down to the minute. Will I stick to it? Will it help me get more accomplished? Will I put myself in bed early enough to not burn out? Will I love it or hate it? Will I sleep with a ball peen hammer under my bed so I can smash my alarm clock in the morning? I have no idea. The experiment starts on Monday. Check back with me in 3 weeks.

What about you? Have you fallen into the same crappy patterns from last year? Feel like you’re lacking discipline in certain areas? Want to give a new schedule or a new habit a try? If so, join me in trying out something new for the next 3 weeks. From Monday January 26th to Sunday February 15th give it your best try and we can all reevaluate things together. It might even lead you to a better way to live.

What have you got to lose? (other than a little sleep)