Breakfast Club

I had two very interesting breakfasts this week.

The picture above is from the first one. You don’t know the guy in the foreground holding the bagel, and you probably don’t know the guy in the background with the weird look on his face either. But the guy dressed in black? Chances are you’ve read something he’s written before, or at the very least you’ve heard of him.

There were 6 of us strangers who met with him for coffee and conversation. The coffee was good. The conversation was good too, though at times it felt more like smart people trying to sound smart. In the end, it was worth the 2-hour drive down to Fulton, MD, if only to connect with Brian afterward and introduce myself as the guy who interviewed him for Prayers For Blowouts. He had nice things to say about the site, and even gave me a contact to look into for future writing consideration, so that was nice of him.

The other breakfast I had was with a good friend I’ve known for almost 10 years. You probably don’t know who he is, but this breakfast was closer to home and featured two dumb guys not pretending to be smart. I liked that a lot better.

At one point we were talking about something that could potentially shape the path of my life in a completely different direction than it is currently heading. Hm…lots to think about…