The Confession Booth, Volume 1

From time to time I’ll step into the confessional booth here at the blog and get some things off my chest. It’s kinda like therapy, without the $90/hr tab.

  • If I’m carrying an item around a store, and then decide not to purchase it, I will never return it to where I found it. I usually place it on the nearest shelf, and justify it because I feel like I am providing a new task for an employee, and because of this, I am keeping them busy and gainfully employed.
  • I’m currently reading 5 books. I absolutely plan on finishing 1. The other 4, I’m not so sure. I am not good at finishing books.
  • Erica and I have never missed a season of Big Brother. We will never miss a season of Big Brother.
  • When I hear David Archuleta’s single, “Crush”, I don’t change the station. In fact, I usually turn the volume up.
  • I talk to myself in the car. Audibly. A lot.
  • Every time I’ve seen the final musical scene of High School Musical (which is about 3 times) I get a little choked up. I am not proud of this. But what can I say, there’s something about the notion of people realizing we’re all in this together and helping each other out that resonates with me.
  • I’ve been to the gym over 100 times this year. I have done exactly zero ab workouts.
  • When I worked at McDonald’s in high school, sometimes they would send me into the back to microwave a whole bunch of chicken meat for the fajitas. One time I grabbed a handful of the chicken and put it in my pocket and ate it during the rest of my shift. Okay, maybe more than once. And yes, I realize how disgusting this is.
  • I almost always prefer a watery light beer to a “real” beer
  • When I walk by the kiosks in the mall, I often feel bad for the employees who work there. Usually they’re sitting there looking bored or trying to rope you in to buying their crap.
  • When I walk by someone wearing a yankees hat or jacket, I pretend to spit on their piece of paraphernalia. I don’t really spit on it, and I don’t do it so they can see it, I only pretend to spit on it behind their back. And I am completely okay with this.
  • I have close to no interest in professional basketball at this point in my life. And unless it’s March, I feel the same way about college basketball too.
  • Sometimes at work I pick between my teeth with pushpins
  • When a telemarketer calls for a “quick survey”, I usually take it. Sometimes I even enjoy it. This week it was a survey on Atlantic City casinos. She said it would be quick but it took 12 minutes. Since I don’t really go to casinos that often, I had to take some creative license with a few of my answers.
  • I have a 3-step process for cutting and filing my fingernails. And I get annoyed when I can’t find MY specific nail clippers in the left drawer of my bathroom sink. Sometimes an impostor shows up there and tries to hack up my nails.
  • I never wear a new shirt or article of clothing the day i buy it. In fact, I like to let it “brew” in my closet for a while before I break it out. Usually I’ll wait a week or longer before I wear it. I see it as a sign of inner strength and focused patience. Erica sees it as me being an idiot.

Got anything you need to get off your chest? Like my buddy Derek Webb likes to say, this is a safe place for all of us…so go ahead and let us in on your little secret in the comments.