Will Michael Scott and Holly Flax Get Back Together?

Two TV posts in one day? I know…I’m sorry. But I really wanted to pass this along to fans of The Office.

If you’re wondering why Holly (Amy Ryan) is no longer on the show, it’s because she only had a 6 episode contract. She also has a busy schedule. If you’re wondering if she’ll be back, it sounds like the writing staff of the show wants her back. I think most viewers do too.

The chemistry she has with Michael Scott is fantastic, and at this point, everyone loves Mike Scott. We all probably care more about Michael than we do about Jim and Pam, right? I mean, I hope they make it and all, but wouldn’t you trade Jim and Pam’s relationship in to see Michael be with Holly forever and a day (in a “this is just a TV show and it is all fake” way)? Of course you would.

Anyhoo, this information comes from an interview Will Leitch did with Michael Schur about the closing shop of a baseball blog. I’ll spare you the details, but Michael was also a writer for The Office, and he played Mose Schrute, Dwight’s cousin.


WILL: While I have you here, Mike, can you please bring back Amy Ryan?

She’s amazing, isn’t she? Unfortunately, her schedule only allowed her to do six episodes, and the premiere was an hour long, so that counted as two…I’m officially off working on the new show, the Amy Poehler project that will debut in April, so I can’t say anything definitive, but I know that if it were up to the writing staff of The Office she would be back ASAP.


That’s what she said.