Erica Owns The Half In Under Two Hours

I meant to post this last month, but I lost the video cable for my camera. And then today, I found it. So you might get a handful of videos in the next week or two.

Today’s video is a shout out to my amazing wife, Erica. It was a year ago that she ran the Philly Marathon, despite a severe case of runner’s knee in both knees for half of the race. It put her out of commission for a while, but this Spring she started working at it again and slowly built up the flexibility in her knees to be able to run. Her goal was to run a half-marathon this Fall, and she did…twice!

She ran the Philly Distance Run in September and came in just over 2 hours. Then she ran the Hands-On House Half-Marathon in Lititz, PA a few weeks later and finished in 1:57 and change.

Here’s the last few seconds of her race:

Mad props to my amazing runner of a wife!