Best Seat in the House

I am flabbergasted at the money people will shell out to watch sporting events these days. Granted, I paid $75 a piece for 3 bleacher seats to Fenway this year, but that was more about taking Parker to his first game at the baseball mecca than anything else. It’s the folks who spend crazy bills on season tickets, personal seat licenses, and such that make me shake my head. Like this guy, for instance, who will pay roughly $414,000 for his 50-yard line seats at the new Jets stadium in 2010.

I mean, I’m glad someone goes to the games…after all, watching a football game with no one in the crowd would be like watching a Tampa Rays regular season baseball game…but I’m just glad it’s not me.

I would much rather spend Sunday afternoon on the couch with some friends watching the NFL in glorious HD. (And don’t even get me started on the magnificence that is the Red Zone Channel on DirecTV’s Superfan Sunday Ticket. It’s an amazing viewing experience.)

What about you? Would you rather be there at the game or at home on your couch?