Friday Family Fun Night

A couple times a month we’ll plan an evening to specifically do stuff that our kids love. Sometimes it’s Chuck E. Cheese, sometimes it’s going to the mall for ice cream, sometimes it’s the movies, and sometimes it’s just staying home and playing board games. We usually call these “Family Fun Nights” because let’s face it, everything sounds better with an official name.

Last night was a very parent-friendly Family Fun Night. There was no talking mouse walking around freaking out little kids, no browsing in the Disney Store to the constant chants of “can we buy something?”, and no purchasing of $35 worth of movie tickets for 90 minutes of grade school humor.

We started off the evening by taking pictures of ourselves, because that’s what a narcissistic blogging father does with his family on family fun night. Besides, Parker and I did our hair the same, despite Parker’s repeated protests that he wanted to wear his hair “down”. Sorry kid, we’ve still got a few years left of telling you how we want your hair. I should also mention that Erica and Kylie were both looking as cute as ever too.

First we went to Olive Garden, which was delicious as usual. Parker ate an entire breadstick in 3 minutes, the kids both realized they like house dressing, and Parker figured out he doesn’t like pepperoncinis (those little peppers in the olive garden house salad). There was a table full of moms beside us, one of which had the loudest cackle of a laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. At one point I though my right ear was bleeding from it, but it turned out it was Parker spitting Sprite on me. Then the lady cackled again and I told Parker to spit Sprite on her, but he wouldn’t do it. The kids split chicken fingers, Erica got a tomato-based shrimp dish, and I had the seafood alfredo fettuccine. Yes, I am a slave and pasta with cheesy-white sauce is my master. I know I’m not the only one.

After the O Garden ($53.89 including tip if you’re keeping track at home – which is basically half our monthly ‘eating out’ budget) we went next door to Borders. The kids flipped through childrens books. I flipped though Rob Bell’s new book “Jesus Wants to Save Christians”. (Looks like an interesting read.) Erica almost flipped out on me because I disappeared on her for 10 minutes. (Except, she didn’t flip out on me because she never does – I was just enjoying using the word ‘flipped’). Kylie bought a Mad Libs book, Parker bought an Incredible Hulk coloring book. (Total sale $9.52 if you’re keeping track at home – which begs the question: “why are you tracking my expenses anyway?”)

Last stop on the whirlwind tour was across to the street to the mall for some Cold Stone. I didn’t want any because I’m not a big fan of ice cream. I know, I know…who doesn’t like ice cream? Actually, Parker opted out of the ice cream too when he decided to purchase a chocolate-covered graham cracker at the Borders cafe for 99 cents. So Kylie and Erica got their ice cream and we headed home.

After the kids were in bed Erica and I watched an episode of The Office, and episode of Friday Night Lights, and then went to bed. The Office was pretty great, by the way. That opening scene with Dwight pretending to be pregnant was phenomenal.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend. Let’s Go Red Sox!!!