Great Christian Bloggers

If you like what you read here, you might enjoy these as well…these are some of the Christian bloggers on the interspheres that I admire…

Ragamuffin SoulCarlos Whittaker is a worship leader at Buckhead Church in Atlanta. He’s got one of the most widely read blogs of any Christian online. He’s honest, funny, and always willing to try new things. If you watch L.A. Ink, you might recognize him as the guy who got Saul tattooed on his arm.

FlowerDust.netAnne Jackson is the author of the upcoming book “Mad Church Disease”. She’s on staff at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. The thing I love about her blog is the way her community has rallied around the causes she believes in. According to her blog, her readers have donated over $100,000 to help those lacking resources.

History in the MakingBen Arment is a former church planter who now works for Catalyst. He’s all about innovation, be it as a leader, an artist, or a christian. His posts are always short and to the point, and usually it’s a great point.

Stuff Christians LikeJon Acuff runs one of the most popular Christian humor blogs on the planet. An unrelated spinoff of the hilarious Stuff White People Like, SCL pokes fun at the Christian sub-culture with great writing and sharp wit. Jon gets bonus points for telling me in an email last month, “I read some of your work tonight and am in awe at what you are able to produce, from the don miller site to your own site to the prayer for blowouts. You are managing an empire my friend and that is awesome and inspiring. I could learn a lot from you…” Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend. Keep up the great work!