Angry Broncos Fan

I get endless amusement from riling up my friend Jake, who is a huge Denver Broncos fan.

Here’s my tips for making a Broncos fan angry:

1. Bring up the fact that their offensive line has been accused of playing dirty and illegally for years.
2. Diminish the importance of their wins against the Raiders and the Chiefs because they are awful teams that they get to play twice a year.
3. Tell them John Elway and Terrell Davis weren’t THAT good.

Here’s a chat from yesterday where I employ method #2. Notice how I’m not trying to get him too angry, just trying to get under his skin a little. (And also notice how he goes for the videotaping potshot against the Patriots, despite the fact that they’ve won their last 19 regular season games without videotaping anything.)

Ahh, good fun. Do you see how he immediately attacks my team (even though the Pats really aren’t my team) instead of defending his own? Classic Bronco Fan strategy. (I haven’t responded yet, because Jake is on vacation with his family, and I don’t want to ruin their experience by getting him all bent out of shape.)

So…which fanbase do you enjoy angering the most?

And can you share any tips on how to make that particular group of fans riled up like a hive of angry hornets?