Relaxation and Chaos

ON THE RELAXATION FRONT: I’m headed out the door to a company golf outing, excited to have some fun with folks I see 5 days a week dressed in business casual.

ON THE CHAOS FRONT: Jim Cantore is on the Weather Channel right now in Galveston, TX and it looks like Hurricane Ike had a few surprises for the Lone Star State. According to Jim, the Hurricane strengthened as it made landfall, which is not normal, and is currently over Houston with 110 MPH winds.

Some of the Caedmon’s guys are in Houston, so my thoughts are on them today. Cliff, Danielle, and their family. Josh Moore, Jeff Miller, and their wives as well. Looks like many folks in SE Texas could be out of power for over a week, which is going to make for uncomfortable living considering it’s going to be in the mid-80s all week.

Hope your weekend’s got more relaxation than chaos…and if it does, say a prayer for those on the other end of the spectrum.