Political Thoughts From My Friends

A few interweblinks I thought were interesting while you try to wrap your head around a football season without Tom Brady…

+ My friend Sam Davidson wrote today about why he is voting for Obama (and why he donated to Obama’s campaign). I don’t know Sam very well, we exchanged a few emails when I interviewed him for his Prayers For Blowouts Sports Survey, but I appreciate the work he’s doing with CoolPeopleCare. It’s interesting to note that while some conservatives were giggling at Sarah Palin’s jab at community organizers, some folks, like Sam, took offense to republicans who “pissed all over the nonprofit sector last week” at the RNC.

+ My friend Buddy says there has been a shift in this election from “Republican vs. Democrat” to “Liberal vs. Conservative”, and he argues strongly that while God was liberal in terms of his love and grace, the political agenda of liberals is anti-biblical.

+ My friend Jason Boyett thinks the choice of Palin as the VP has made this a much more interesting race. He says, “Palin doesn’t change my vote, but she’s gonna make the next two months a whole lot more exciting.”

+ Over at the Burnside Writers Blog my friends Jordan Green and John Pattison have been posting thoughts on the election with some regularity. Even better though, Jordan posted this How-To on nabbing houseflies with your bare hands.

+ I heard a rumor that Derek Webb has an Obama sticker on his guitar case. I can’t confirm or deny this, but if it’s true, it might mean that Derek is voting for Obama. Then again, I also heard a rumor that Derek has a McCain tattoo on the small of his back, so really, there’s no way of us knowing anything at this point…