Eating With Famous Peoples

When the Democratic National Convention asked Donald Miller to pray last Monday night, I knew I was in trouble. I had dinner once with Don Miller. At a Cracker Barrell in central Pennsylvania, no less. What would my readership think? Am I in the pocket of the Dems?

I put a call into the GOP and thankfully they responded to my plea. In an effort to help me maintain my non-partisan standing, they booked someone to speak at their convention who I have eaten dinner with before as well.

They booked Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, to speak to the RNC on Tuesday night. Anne, who just published a book, and her husband Jonas are actually good friends with my in-laws, so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions.

The first time we met was while Erica and I were still dating. I had just moved to PA and as was my daily custom during the week, I went straight from work to Erica’s parents’ house for dinner. They hadn’t told me that Anne and Jonas were coming over for dinner, and I was very surprised when I turned the corner and there they were standing there in the kitchen dressed like pretzels. (ok, they were dressed normal…but that would make for a much better story, wouldn’t it?).

So yeah, you all can relax. I know famous people from both parties. I’ve broken bread with the elephant and the donkey. And here’s Anne’s speech from Tuesday Night. It’s actually very good. I encourage you to take the 9 minutes to watch: