Welcome Back NFL!

I’m such a sports nerd. Case in point: two of my favorite days of the year are the start of the baseball season and the start of the football season.

I love baseball for 5 reasons. 1) It means spring is back, 2) I love the Red Sox more than any other team in any other sport, 3) I enjoy seeing Charlie Manuel dressed up in a tight uniform,  4) I’m a huge fantasy baseball guy, and 5) I just love baseball. I could sit for hours and watch a game between two teams I have no affiliation to and enjoy it.

Football is different for me. I root for the Cowboys and the Patriots (I know, you probably hate those two teams the most…I’m sorry. I grew up in New England and my dad loves the Cowboys, so that’s why), but compared to my love for the Red Sox, my feelings for the Boys and Pats is only a mild form of “like”. I root for them, but it doesn’t bother me much if they lose.

One of the main reasons I love football is because I love to bet on football. I am in an NFL picks league where we pick every game against the spread all season long. It’s $50 to get in, which breaks down to exactly $0.1953 cents per game. So yeah, I bet 20 cents per game…not exactly high stakes. But it’s fun and it gives me a rooting interest in every game.

I’ve posted my predictions for the season over at Prayers For Blowouts, you can check them out if you like. If you’ve got some predictions, leave them in the comment section over at PFB.

The season will end in Tampa Bay about 4 months from now, but it gets underway in New Jersey tonight with the Skins-Giants. I’ll enjoy the ride from now until then. Let’s kick it off!