Labor Day Picnic

For the 2nd year in a row we enjoyed beautiful weather on Labor Day weekend here in Pennsylvania at Uncle Jerry’s house on the Pequea Creek (pronounced Peck-Way, in case you were wondering).

Here’s a shot of Erica as we sat on the porch finishing up lunch and talking with fam. (Erica loves it when i take pictures of her and she’s not paying attention.) You can see the gorgeous view of the river in the background from their front porch.

After lunch we went down to the river and took a ride in Jerry’s boat. Here’s Erica and Kylie relaxing in the sunshine.

As you can see, Parker’s life jacket fit him perfectly. He looks so comfortable and safe.

There was even a chocolate fountain for the kids to dip fruit and pretzels into. They were ALL about that, as you might imagine. Between the good food, good company, and the great weather we had a blast.

Hope your Labor Day weekend was a good one!