Here Comes Gustav

I can’t believe this is happening again. Another Major Hurricane is barreling towards New Orleans almost 3 years to the day that Katrina did so much damage.

I pulled up images of Katrina’s path, and I took some solace (though very little) in the fact that Gustav isn’t taking the same exact path. Gustav’s is above. Katrina’s is below (and what you can’t see on that image is that Katrina came over Florida, while Gustav came up into the Gulf through Cuba).

I don’t think Gustav is going to reach Cat 5 status like Katrina did, and it might not hit NOLA as directly as Katrina did, so let’s hope that lessens the damage. But no matter where Gustav makes landfall, it’s going to make life messy for a whole lot of people.

Join me in praying for these folks. For their protection, and that they would find real peace in the middle of a real storm.