Abortion and Your Vote

Above is the video of Don Miller’s prayer at the DNC on Monday night.

As expected, Don is catching a good bit of flak from evangelicals for appearing at a Democratic event. He’s also catching flak for saying that he will vote for Obama, with most of the flak stemming from Obama’s stance on abortion.

I am really trying to think through and work through this issue and I would appreciate the help of anyone who reads this blog.

Personally, I hate abortion. The thought of it makes me angry, and I’m not embellishing. But I also realize that only a few decisions of the thousands a president makes in his term have any direct or indirect impact on abortion. Additionally, the chances of Roe V Wade being repealed are very slim. So based on that, here’s my question(s) to you, choose any to answer that apply:

1. Regardless of your personal stance on abortion, what role does the issue play in determining your vote? Is it a very small factor, one of a few big issues you consider, your biggest factor, the Only factor you consider?

2. If you vote Republican based primarily on the abortion issue, how do you justify electing someone to do a job based on one issue that represents less than 1% of what that job entails?

3. If you knew for an absolute fact that the president we were going to elect would make NO decisions in the next 4 years that affected abortion at all, would his/her stance on abortion still factor in to your decision on who to vote for?

I’m looking for honest answers from y’all because I am personally working through this issue. If you take the time to answer, thanks in advance.

here’s some additional thoughts I posted a few weeks after posting this thread.