How I Roll: Lunch Work Edition

So, 11:30am rolls around and the tummy starts rumbling. But where do you go, what do you eat, what time do you head out? Today’s edition of How I Roll examines what we do when we put our jobs aside and stuff our faces.

How I Roll: Lunch Work

1. What time do you usually leave for lunch?

A lot of folks here eat lunch at 11:30am, but I usually wait until after 12:00pm to grab something. If I go to the gym over lunch, that usually happens around 11:30am and then I eat at 12:15pm or so.

2. How long do you usually take for lunch?

I usually eat at my desk, so If it takes me 20 minutes or so to get my food (10 minutes if I go to the cafeteria, 30 if I drive somewhere), it will usually take me about 20 minutes to eat it. I’d say on average I take about 45 minutes for lunch.

3. Ever eat lunch at home?

Nope. I work 36 miles from home, so no chance I’m making that commute. Erica will take the kids out to meet me for lunch once or twice a year, and that’s good fun.

4. What are your favorite places to eat out for Work Lunch?

If I want a salad I hit “The Salad Stop”. For pizza I hit the local “Slice it Up”. Once in a while I’ll get something from Wawa. Occasionally a sub from Subway. Lately I’ve been getting stuff from the cafeteria in my building. They make some great sandwiches, and it’s usually cheaper than eating out somewhere else.

5. How often do you bring food in from home?

Depends on how much Erica has been cooking. In the winter, when she cooks more, I’ll bring in leftovers once a week or more. But in the summer it’s more like once or twice a month. I never pack a lunch with a sandwich. I like bread-and-deli-meat sandwiches about as much as I like traffic.

6. Are you a lone ranger or a community eater?

Typically I’m a lone ranger. I can get stuff done at my desk while I eat like respond to emails and other drivel. I’ll grab lunch with work friends 2 or 3 times a month usually.

7. How often does your company pay for your lunch?

Not too often. Usually only to celebrate a new hire or see off an old one. I guess there are occasional lunch meetings, but on the whole, I’d say I probably eat lunch on the company dime once a month

8. What is your favorite lunch meal of all time?

The Blackened Crabmelt Sandwich at The Big Easy. Sweet mother of Glory, it’s a wonderful thing.

This here thing works best when other people answer the questions too, so put a few friends on the spot to find out how they roll. Buddy, Jason, Ron, Geof, and Jeff, how do you roll for work lunch?