The Blower of Leads

This is the face of someone who suffered two not-so-good collapses in a span of 8 hours on Friday.

In the morning I teed it up with my friends from work in the last of 4 golf matches we played throughout the summer. Based on the close finishes in the previous 3 tournaments, the winner on Friday would walk away with the overall Championship. (which consisted of a few bucks and bragging rights for the winter).

I took the lead after the 11th hole and held it until 18. On the 18th tee box, with an uncomfortable 3-shot lead, I hit a great iron off the tee to 150 yards from the hole. When I arrived at my ball I discovered it was in a huge divot. If this divot had a name, it would be called “You Are No Longer Going to Win”. I tried to hit safely out of the divot, but yanked the shot into the water, dropped, hit a weak chip, hit a better chip onto the green, missed a tough putt by 2 inches, and then sank a 4-footer for a 7. My closest competitor shot a 4 on the hole, tying him for the win in the match (we both shot 93), and giving him a slight edge in the overall Championship. Just like that I went from winner to loser.

Later that night we had our first softball Championship game, and the lead went back and forth throughout. In the top of the 7th inning we scored 3 runs to take an 8-6 lead. But in the bottom of the 7th we gave up 3 runs, and they won 9-8. Yes, I was pitching. And yes, just like that I went from winner to loser.

So, if you’re scoring at home, that’s a 3-shot lead blown on the last hole of the biggest golf match of my life (which isn’t saying much) and 3 runs in the last inning to lose Game 1 of the Championships. All in about 8 hours. (After the game we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for appetizers and I ate greasy chicken quesidillas, which technically could be considered another “Loss” – for my stomach and digestive system – if you want to get technical.)

So yeah, I’m mostly over it at this point, except for when I think about that divot and I throw up in my own mouth. Game 2 of our Championships is tonight. My next round of golf will be after a few shrink visits.

May your week this week be more successful than my Friday was!